Description: It is the fruit of the lemon tree, a tree of Asian origin and now ubiquitous to most countries.

The lemon has been prized since antiquity for its powerful cleansing properties but today is known more for its contribution of vitamin C.

This citrus fruit is excellent quality and uniformity, is a vigorous variety with abundant trees growing production from sea level to 2200 meters. The fruit is slightly oval, 5-7 cm long and 4-6 cm in diameter.

The fruit of this size has a minimum weight of 55 grams and 75 grams maximum.


Shell is thin and the flesh has no seeds. This variety in mature state has a dark green and turns yellow when it is overripe.


Tahiti lemon is assigned a unique therapeutic and healing in hepatitis, influenza or inflammation states. Thus, one can see that this variety is one of the most useful medicinal plant products and to harness its juice, it should warm a little, because heat expands the tissues, thus providing more liquid. The Tahitian variety is mainly used in manufacturing soft drinks, for flavor. Once processing is used as lemon oil, and flavor as an ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics industry. It is also excellent for preparing dishes of beef, fish or poultry. It's a very juicy fruit cocktail added to give a special flavor. The fruit juice has a content of 40-60% or more, with an acid value of 5-10%. Its acceptance in everyday life because the fruit has a high nutritional value.


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