NAME: TAMARILLO Cypomandra betaceae

Tree tomato, also known as tamarillo, owes its name to its similarity to the tomatoes that we all know. This is not a coincidence because both species belong to the Solanaces family, which includes some 2,300 species of this native American plant, but only 30 are cultivated at the moment. The tamarillo is a native plant of the Peruvian Andes and later expanded through Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil and of course Colombia.

COLOR: Tamarillo has an oval shape and a smooth skin that can be purple, red, orange, or yellow. The pulp, which is orange and very juicy, covers a lot of black seeds.

FLAVOR: Tamarillo pulp is delicate and juicy with a distinctive sweet and sour flavor.

HEALTH: The tamarillo is very low in calories owing to its high water content and is rich in fibers. It is a good source of vitamins A and C, iron and potassium. It is recommended to strengthen the immune system and to reduce cholesterol. Some Andean cultures drink a combination of green peppers, cucumbers and tamarillo in a juice to lower cholesterol.

PACKING: 25 units per box. 18 units per box.
12 units per box


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