NAME: MARACUYA Passiflora edulis var.flavicarpa

Maracuya The Maracuya belongs to the fruits of the passion. The fruit in a circular way to oval weight between 110 and 125 gr. and it has 6 or 7.5 cms of diameter approximately.

COLOR: When the fruit is mature changes it changes from an intense green color to a brilliant yellow. Its bark is thick and flat, although with the time it has spreads to wrinkle due to the natural process of maturation. Its interior contains numerous and small eatable seeds of black color.

FLAVOR: Of lightly acidulous and very aromatic flavor.

HEALTH: It is rich in vitamin TO and C wastes away in juice, sweet and milk shakes. Its biggest virtue, is that it is very refreshing. Also, it contains a high quantity of fiber that improves the intestinal traffic and it reduces the risk of certain alterations and illnesses.

PACKING: 18 units per box.


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