NAME: MANGOSTAN (Garcinia mangostana L)

Mangostan The form of the fruits is lightly similar to the mandarins and inside the shell they are from 6 to 8 clusters in very attractive pastry tones. The fruit possesses few seeds or they seem to be absent.

COLOR: The eatable fruit possesses a bark (exocarpo) of deep reddish purple color and white meat when it matures.

FLAVOR: Fragrant eatable meat can be described as sweet and sour, with citric flavor and peach texture.

HEALTH: It possesses a great anti-rust power and it is characteristic of the main ones for its consumption. That anti-rust power has been increased. It comes from the Xantones, a chemical substance of high concentration in the mangostan that combats to the free radicals. Their antibacterial and antiviral properties offer great cooperation for the immunologic system.

PACKING: 2 kg net per box.


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