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NOVACAMPO S.A. S.C.I., is an international producer and marketer company of Colombian fruits which bases its results and growth in the practice of a proactive approach transparent and direct with its Costumers, Associates, Providers, Collaborators, and Shareholders to assure their satisfaction in the investigation of new technologies and in the application of the highest standards in cultivations and processes of postharvest to achieve the continuous improvement of them, and the trust and the reciprocal support of its direct and indirect collaborators to make easy its professional growth.


To become in the year 2010 the most recognized marketer of Colombian fresh fruits in Europe for its Integral Quality based on the respect to its Costumers, Providers, Collaborators, and Shareholders, in the performance of technical, legal and environmental norms in cultivations and in processes of postharvest, in the continuous improvement of its operations and its profitability, in the permanent development of all of the members of the organization and in the practice of the Social Responsibility as a generator of urban and rural employment.

QUALITY POLICY In NOVACAMPO S.A. S.C.I. we are all committed with the Integral Quality of:

• The management and the production of the proper cultivations and providers.
• The processes of Production, Postharvest, Logistic and Supply, and Administrative.
• The packaging, the presentations, and the variety of the species to export.
• The relationship with Providers, Costumers, and Associates.
• The legal and environmental compromises.
• The performance and the results of the staff.

The specific objectives to achieve, control and improve are: INNOCUOUS, PRODUCTIVITY, TRACEABILITY, VARIETY, USEFUL LIFE, PRICE, PRESENTATION AND PROFITABILITY AND CERTIFICATIONS (BPA’s, BPM’s, HACCP, GLOBALGAP, FAIRTRADE,) With this purpose we dedicate, in each case, the necessary efforts and resources to guarantee the objectives compliance and its continuous improvement. To guarantee the INNOCUOUS of our products we GLOBALGAP are certified by ICONTEC in the Production processes, and HACCP by SGS in the Postharvest processes, like this we assure control, monitoring and performance in the following areas:

• Cultivation: quality in grounds and seeds, phytosanitary management, transport, environmental management, legal work management.
• Postharvest: getting, selection, classification, packaging, storage, and transport to port.
• Supplies: quality, transport, storage, and manipulation.
• Staff: training and performance.
• Equipments, physic plants, and their setting: maintenance, and norms application.


NOVACAMPO S.A. S.C.I. as a company dedicated to the production and marketing of fruits in Europe and responsible of its own sustainable development and of its environment, applies as Business Social Responsibility Policy, besides the legalized employment to guarantee the employees and their families the law benefits, a relationship of respect and consideration to: its staff and the work environment in which they perform, its Providers of goods and services, its Shareholders and Associates, the environment, and the Communities of its areas of influence. In this relationship prevails values such as ethic, transparency, fairness, punctuality, solidarity, and responsibility so to reward and favor to the society as essence of the business development.


  Calle 27 No. 7ª - 85 Parque Industrial Casablanca modulo 7 (ver mapa)
(Funza Cundinamarca)
TELS.: +57 ( 1 ) 821 57 62 / 821 57 97