NAME: GOOSEBERRY (Physalis Peruviana)

The cape gooseberry, also known as physalis, is native of South America.

Some sources place it on the Andes Mountains of Peru, and some other in the region of Tierradentro in Colombia. At the moment 50 species are known in the wild.

COLOR: The cape gooseberry has a dark yellow pod that is covered with dry petals like a flower. This cover acts as a natural protection to the cape gooseberry.

FLAVOR: The cape gooseberry has an exotic smell and a sweet and sour taste when you bite the fruit. It is very juicy and goes well with salads and jams. Apart from being a delicious fruit, “the uchuva” is very decorative too.

HEALTH: The cape gooseberry eliminates blood albumen. It is good for the optic nerve and it is effective in treating ailments of the throat and prostate.The cape gooseberry is rich in vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid and carotene. It also has cleansing and diuretic effects.

PACKING: 12 baskets per box.
Bulk box 1.5 kg.


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