NAME: GRANADILLA Passiflora ligularis Juss

Granadilla, considered by many as the best in the fruits of the passion, is native of South America, from the south of Brazil until the north of Argentina. This tropical sub fruit has oval round form. Inside its hard, flat shell and ceracea, locked in a membranous sack, it is a jellied pulp made up of around 250 small eatable seeds.

COLOR: Its heir color varies of having lived dark to yellow-orange, according to the variety, with seeds of dark or black brown color.

FLAVOR: Its flavor that is compared with the guaba is described as sweet and sour.

HEALTH: It is a very useful diuretic for the calculations and uneasiness control of the urinal and intestinal system. It purifies the blood. With the cooking of flowers, leaves and/or roots it is obtained a tranquilizing and relaxing drink to sleep.

PACKING: 18 units per box.
2 kgs per box


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