NAME: PAPAYA Carica Papaya

Description: Papaya is a tropical fruit with more medicinal properties that together with its delicious flavour make it a very popular and appreciated. Papaya is a tropical fruit very popular because, besides its good taste, has many properties that the natives of Costa Rica and Mexico, known as the fruit of the tree of good health.

Also known to the papaya with other names: melón zapote, mamao, naimi, capaídso, fruta bomba, lechosa, mamón, nampucha, pucha y paque.


It has an oval shape (like a large pear), yellow skin, black seeds and a pulp or red meat. Your tree is called papayo..


Its flesh soft and delicious taste that is so particular that papaya makes it very popular for drawing up desserts, juices, yogurts, fruit salads, ice cream, etc.


Combating constipation by acting as a mild laxative.

• Streamline internal and external scarring (eg stomach ulcers).
• Papaya facilitates tan thanks to containing many Retinina (facilitates the action of melanin).
• Eliminates intestinal parasites.

It also helps to eliminate the amoebae that are responsible for many chronic diarrhea as their fresh seeds are rich in a nutrient called Carpasemina.

• Strengthens immunity due to its high content of Vitamin C.
• Papaya aids in digestion and relieve pain and inflammation of the stomach because it contains an enzyme called papain.

Papain is an enzyme similar to human pepsin unfolded proteins and facilitates the digestive process.

That's why people feel it helps them digest meats and heavy meals.

So you have to take as long as our digestion papaya need gastroduodenal and pancreatic secretions (typical very slow digestion).


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